Topics and Program

Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 113, 08004 Barcelona
MetroParada Paral·lel
Admissions: 3€/4€
20:30The 6th oXcars, the Greatest Free Culture Show on Earth
La Rambla, 7, 08002 Barcelona
MetroParada Drassanes
Admission is free, and registration is not required. Limited capacity. Activities will begin right on time.

Thursday 24th Sala Apolo


The 6th oXcars, the Greatest Free Culture Show on Earth

Friday 25th Arts Santa Mònica


Creativity, Culture and Knowledge: New models of access and production

Presentation of the results of the Creativity: Innovative Models of Production and Access research project by Jaron Rowan from FCForum.

Presentation of “The tragedy of copyright”, a critical history of the concept of intellectual property, cultural industry crisis and commons-based alternatives. Delivered by Rubén Martínez, coauthor of the book.

The cases of Aaron Swartz and Edward Snowden, presented by Yolanda Quintana.




Data Science. The potential and limits of Big Data

Potential and Limits of Big Data as a means for Social Transformation, presented by Toret from Xnet and Óscar Marín Miró from Grupo DatAnalysis15m.

Data Journalism: The status of data journalism in Spain, presented by Karma Peiró on behalf of Open Knowledge Foundation Spain.


Networked Democracy

The History of Voting Technology: Different approaches, presented by Justo Carracedo and José David Carracedo.

State of e-voting: current experiences. Opportunities and Pitfalls, presented by Diego Garzia

Telephone Voting, presented by Nathan Freitas.




Electronic Money and Distributed Currency. Strengths and weaknesse

BitCoin and Alternative Currencies in Spain, presented by Javier Creus.

Social Currencies in Catalonia and Specific Software, presented by Stefan Blasel.